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2012 Rawlings Gold Glove Winners and the gloves they use!

This week Rawlings announced the winners of their 2012 Gold Glove Awards. We rounded up photos of all the players with their and links to where you can get the same gloves for yourself!

How did the glove brands do? Rawlings led the pack: 10 of the 19 winners uses Rawlings gloves! Wilson and Nike gloves are each used by 3 players. Mizuno had 2 winners, and Spalding made a rare appearance with Robinson Cano winning a Gold Glove.

There were two gloves we couldn’t find (Hellickson and McCutchen). If you come across them, send us a tip!

AL Gold Glove winners Get the glove Price
P – Jake Peavy, White Sox Pic Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS1175-9KB $310
P – Jeremy Hellickson, Rays Pic Nike Black Modified Trapeze n/a
C – Matt Wieters, Orioles Pic Rawlings PROCM43JT-WIE $230
1B – Mark Teixeira, Yankees Pic Rawlings PROFM20KB-GON $330
2B – Robinson Cano, Yankees Pic Spalding Pro Select 11.5″ $180
3B – Adrian Beltre, Rangers Pic Rawlings PRONP5TLB-BEL $230
SS – JJ Hardy, Orioles Pic Rawlings PROS15TCBX $330
LF - Alex Gordon,  Royals Pic Rawlings PRO303-6JBT-GOR $230
CF – Adam Jones, Orioles Pic Rawlings PROS27TBR $300
RF – Josh Reddick, Athletics Pic Wilson A2000 1799SS $220
NL gold glove winners Get the glove Price
P – Mark Buehrle, Marlins Pic Rawlings PROS12MTKB $330
C - Yadier Molina, Cardinals Pic Rawlings PROJP20M $220
1B – Adam Laroche, Nationals Pic Mizuno Pro GMP30 $275
2B – Darwin Barney, Cubs Pic Wilson A2000 1786SS $220
3B – Chase Headley, Padres Pic Wilson WTA2DP15GM $220
SS – Jimmy Rollings, Phillies Pic Mizuno GGE60 $205
LF – Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies Pic Custom Nike Diamond Elite Pro 1275 $290
CF – Andrew McCutchen, Pirates Pic Nike Black Trapeze n/a
RF – Jason Heyward, Braves Pic Rawlings PROJR7-50-ELL-RH $230

Official Rawlings Gold Glove Awards page is here

Here is the ESPN video clip about the 2012 Rawlings Gold Glove Awards.




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